About Me.

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Radu A. Morarean
Online Marketing Specialist,
Web & Graphic Designer,
Certified Photographer


Even with nearly 20 years of experience, every day I discover new secrets. is like home, I see the world in RGB 0-255, and you can get to know me due to DNSTCP / IPISP, and so on. GoogleWiki and Encarta were my best teachers, I met my colleagues on mIRC but I lost them on ConQUIZtador. I think any goal can be filled with Lorem Ipsum, or fixed with 2 clicks in Photoshop, and at least 10 brilliant ideas will come out of a brainstorming.


With the development of the Internet today, my interest in the online environment is increasing every day. I think we are at a turning point in the modern age, and that how man interacts with the environment will be totally redefined.

The projects I co-ordinate or collaborate with are in the digital sphere. Even if the robots will conquer the world, I think I will be spared and let myself work on the maintenance.