3 photo editing apps to use in 2018

photo editing apps

I know you’re already a pro at mastering the old editing apps like Snapseed, Candy Camera, B612, Facetune or Prisma, but let’s face it – it’s 2018 already and these are so last year!

Let’s move on to the new trends in the matter of selfies and inspirational photography that will leave your friends breathless. In my last trip to UK I’ve tested many of the existing apps in Google Store just to find out the perfect ones for me, a non narcissistic guy that hates to take pictures of himself.

So, beside of the classic filters and basic photo editing, I tried to seek for more options in my favorite 3 editing apps to use on my holiday. And I’ve found a few… Let’s start with the coolest one.

Photo morphing

This is just a cool morphing effect I tried to make on a plant with big leaves

Posted by Salut, eu sunt Radu on Wednesday, 7 February 2018



This app gives you the opportunity to apply a cool morphing effect to your static pictures and save them as moving GIFs or MP4. You have to follow a few simple steps before your masterpiece comes to live, shown in the video below. In the first place, you have to figure out which objects should be animated and those which shouldn’t. You can watch me doing that by setting the red anchor points to hold the shore in place and brushing the place where that boat in the right should stay still (because the morphing effect will glitch on this one). For the animation I chose to make some small waves in the water that move in both ways left – right by placing those tiny arrows which shows you the way they’ll move.



This app has some cool filters which you can use to spice up your selfies. By applying them on your picture, you will get some kewl double exposure effects that your friends will going to love. The app is very simple and easy to use, letting you to choose a foreground color, a background lighting effect and optional some stickers or your text. Just watch the following tutorial:



Cool mobile app that lets you to add presets or custom text to your favorite pictures, before you upload them to Instagram. You can find a lot of free presets and fonts in their shop, but you can also buy the premium ones with the different occasions. Amaze your friends with cool images with motivational text!

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